Natural Language Understanding

Sinus makes use of Apple's world-class system wide Dictation feature to transform your voice into words*. It then derives your intent and performs the task reliably.

* — requires at least OS X 10.8. Currently English only.

It’s there when you need it.

Sinus is omni-present, ready for you to answer your questions. Activate it either by its Dock icon, the menu bar icon or a global shortcut. Once activated just talk.

Built to be extended.

Sinus is an academic project and still quite young. In its early stages, Sinus provides basic functions to show how it works. As time goes by, Sinus will be extended with more and more features.

At the very beginning, Sinus can help you with some basic tasks, e.g., setting a timer for 7 minutes, showing your schedule on tuesday, or looking up the route to NYC.

Help us improving Sinus by auto-submitting the queries that Sinus was unable to handle.

We're not ready yet!
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