Sinus will try to connect with a lot of different services either remotely or locally on your Mac to tell you your location, your current weather or what time is at your place. However, if you have not set up Sinus or your Mac correctly, some misbehaviors might occur.



We take privacy seriously, promise.

Sinus is an application built around your personal context. It integrates into your daily computer lifestyle to provide you with useful information or to help you with certain tasks. Therefore, Sinus requires information about your context: your location (e.g., to check your weather, the news around you, etc.), your locale zone (for the current time, your language, the weather measure), your contacts (to be able to look up phone numbers, mail addresses, etc., for you) or your schedule (to be able to show you your current and upcoming schedule for you). Additional functions in future might require more personal data while staying true to our privacy principles.

This is confidential data, and we treat it as we would expect it from a software, that is, we don't have any interest in reading your personal data. No personal data is being collected and stored permanently while using the app (unless temporarily for providing faster access, which is called 'Caching'), no personal data is sent to remote servers, but, e.g., the city of your location for fetching the weather. However, if you use the Dictation feature of OS X to speak to Sinus, some of your personal details might be sent to their processing servers, according to the Dictation feature privacy agreement.
That is, the same data will be sent to Apple, as it is the case while using the famous personal assistant for iOS. If you do not want this, you can enable the Silent Mode, in which no Speech-to-Text processing will be performed.

Since Sinus connects to Third Party services to provide more useful information, e.g., the current weather, personalized requests must be sent to them. However, we make sure that these requests are as minimalist as possible: The request to fetch the weather only contains the city you are asking for, or your current city. Your GPS coordinates will be sent to Apple's reverse geocoder, a server to translate a tuple of GPS coordinates into placenames.

Sinus is a sandboxed app, which means that it meets higher security requirements. A sandboxed app cannot access your confidential data without asking you. Next, you can always deny the access later on from your System Preferences (see 'Security', there open the tab'Privacy'). It also means, that it cannot read or modify your system components and is thus safe to use. Read more about the so called Gatekeeper concept on