Dear Chat Heads user,

Our app, Chat Heads, one of the most popular OS X apps to chat with your Facebook friends, is about to stop working.

Chat Heads uses a so called "API" to connect to the Facebook servers and to allow you chatting with your friends. In a recent statement, Facebook officially announced that this API will be discontinued in April 2015 for unspecified reasons.

Since we need to rely on what Facebook is providing, we as the developers have no technical alternative, which we could use to provide a working Chat Heads in future.

For you as a Chat Heads user, this means that Chat Heads will not work any longer after April 2015. However you can submit feedback to the Facebook team and ask them to not shut down the API for 3rd party applications such as Chat Heads. This is how it works:

  1. Go to the Facebook Chat Feedback website.
  2. Write a short and precise message, such as
    Keep the XMPP Chat service running after April 2015,
    Please do not shut down the Chat API in April 2015,
    We are using the Chat API on a daily base, please don't shut it down
    or something similar.
  3. Click Send to submit your feedback to the Facebook team.

Your feedback will have an impact. Chat Heads has many users, and if you participate as well, we might be able to keep Chat Heads up and running after April 2015. We will update this site with news. Spread the word and help keeping Chat Heads alive!

Chief developer behind Chat Heads

Please note: Chat Heads is not sponsored by or associated in any way with Facebook®. Chat Heads is not an official Facebook application. Facebook and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook, Inc.