Chat Heads, the best way to chat with your friends on OS X.Chat Heads

Need Help? Don't worry.

Chat Heads connects with your Facebook profile to download the list of your friends and to exchange messages with them. If the app isn't working as expected, the following tips may help you.

Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mavericks compatibility

Please update to at least version 1.0.1 using the Mac AppStore Updates panel.

It doesn't work at all!

There are a lot of possibilities why the app is not working for you. The most important thing is to make sure that the app can actually connect to the internet. Make sure no firewall is blocking Chat Heads.

I can't login with my Facebook OS X Account!

If you do want to use the Facebook OS X account to log in, but it does not work, make sure the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Update to the latest update for your OS (previous versions sometimes had difficulties)
  2. Make sure to let the following processes access the internet: Chat Heads , accountsd , , SocialPushAgent , Disable and re-enable your Facebook OS X account in the System Preferences.

My friends are completely missing!

Some users reported that no friends are shown at all, so no conversation can be started. We are really sorry for that, we found the cause and an update will be live during the next 7 days.

Some of my friends do not appear in the list

Click the three stripes in front of the searchfield and choose "Friends missing?".
The data of your friends, including the list of your friends, should now be reloaded from the server.

Chat Heads crashed

If you're running a Pre-Release OS X Mavericks Developer Version: we're already working on a fix.
Next, please submit all crash reports to Apple. They will be redirected to us and we can take a look at them. Don't worry, crash reports are anonymous and do not contain personal data.

I cannot connect to Facebook

If you are having problems connecting to your Facebook profile or logging in, one option may be to disable the usage of the Facebook account you may have set up in your OS X preferences. To do so, open the app preferences and uncheck 'Use OS X Facebook account if available'. Try again to connect.

What about Group Chats?

Unfortunately, Chat Heads currently cannot provide Group Chat functionalities due to technical constrains: Facebook is providing an interface for 3rd Party Developers only for one-to-one conversations. However, we promise to implement Group Chatting as soon as it is possible. Stay tuned via our blog!

I do not receive file attachments or photos!

Unfortunately, again, Chat Heads cannot provide these functions due to technical constrains made by Facebook. We will implement these features however once Facebook allows 3rd Party Developers to do so. Follow our blog and stay tuned!

How to: Sending us your Crash Reports

Switch to Finder and hit CMD+Shift+G or click "Go to Folder..." in the "Go" menu. There, enter

and hit Enter. You'll see a list of all your Crash Reports generated by any app on your Mac.
Please send us Crash Reports beginning with "Chat Heads" to our Bug Reporting address.
Don't worry, the reports do not contain personal data.

Other Issues

For any other issue please get in contact with us (@chatheadsapp,